Hello there! I’m Cooper, a vibrant soul in my 60s, embracing colors after a lifetime of donning black. My journey in textiles has undergone a spirited evolution, and I’m here to share it all with you.

When I took my first sewing class, little did I know that shortly after, the world would be thrown into the depths of Covid isolation. But the silver lining? The World Wide Web became my gateway to endless possibilities. I sought, I experimented, I played, and most importantly, I learned.

Effortless style has always captured my heart, and jumpsuits epitomize that ease. It was this love for stylish practicality that fueled my determination to create a jumpsuit that allows women to take a comfortable toilet break without hassle. Blame it on age – maturity has only strengthened my appreciation and the need to embrace dignity even in the smallest moments.

Join me on this colorful journey of textile mash-ups, creativity, and a whole lot of determination. Let’s rewrite the rules and celebrate every step of the way.